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Making Money The Old-Fashioned Way Or What

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Making Money The Old-Fashioned Way Or What

Last update date : 04-08-2021

So, what’s the big deal? What’s everyone talking about these days on how to make money of the Internet? If you are a webmaster or a web site developer, the answers to these two questions may get you heading in the right general direction, but there is much more to it than this. It’s one thing to know the “what,” though product selection is important, yet an entirely different issue to look honestly at yourself for the “who.” Long gone are the days on the Internet where you could pick up a product from a supplier or wholesaler who did not have a presence on the Internet to sell their products. These days, virtually all companies, literally selling any and every type of product imaginable, have some form of web presence, from limited to grand-scale. Even the “mom and pop shops” do regular business on eBay…and are making a LOT of money. This has given rise to the advent of what I term “the easy Internet.” Just about everyone is eeking out some form of subsistence on the Internet by pitching this or selling that. This dilution of opportunities has made making money on the Internet a little more difficult for one just starting out. Making money, and LOTS of it is still very “do-able.” Take heart, press forward because the answer may be in front of your eyes…right now! Not just in front of your eyes, but, more importantly, behind them as well. I am surprised at the number of people who are seemingly “satisfied” working their 8 hour days for a small percentage of what they are really worth in financial terms. I call this the “matrix mentality.” In this view, we are born for a specific career purpose that is controlled by someone other than ourselves, and we accept this “purpose” and live our lives according to some list of expectations that are placed upon us. We remain, as it were, in the box, contained, pre-destined, dry…and then one day, some of us wake up to who we really are and begin developing some basic financial goals and seeing what our own personal earnings potential might be. Worth, in this case, may be summarized as follows: Worth, financially speaking, is the amount of earnings potential that resides within you given your unique set of interests, skills, and abilities, regardless of what you believe about yourself, whether from internal or external sources, from past to present. There is not a day that goes by that this idea does not challenge me to accomplish even greater things with my online businesses. A consideration of personal “worth,” aside from sounding insincere and crass, and notwithstanding one’s personality and humanity, confronts the very core values of both the intellect and motivation. Truly, it does! Much has been written about this topic in recent years, so without digressing too much, this writer leaves the heady research and resulting capitulation to the self-proclaimed experts, their ghost writers and assistants. The core values of intellect and motivation guide us through our daily lives. To prove this, ask yourself a few of the following questions and physically journal your answers. Who am I in my career? Do I have a career purpose? What is my career purpose? Am I discontent with my present earnings? Am I committed to doing what is necessary to obtain a better career with better earning’s potential? Am I willing to commit to changing my career path to make better money? What product or service do I already know about that could be an idea with which to make money? Through this simple exercise, you may learn volumes about yourself. The answers, for many of you, may not be easy. You may even be tempted to respond to them with a matrix mentality. I encourage you to spend some time with this exercise to determine what is important to you and/or to awaken at least a small desire to have better understanding about who you are and what direction you may want to consider on your path to higher earnings. So, where should you go from this moment? By the fact that you are reading this article, there is at least some desire for you to better yourself and your earnings. If the answer(s) for you were “easy,” you would already have something implemented. Right? Before picking a product, take some time out to determine who you are and how your earnings potential can be influenced by a proper understanding in this area. Making Money The Old-Fashioned Way Or What

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