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Mortgage Sales, Overcoming Objections

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Mortgage Sales, Overcoming Objections

Last update date : 25-01-2022

As a loan officer, it is important to keep your pipeline full at all times. For this reason, it goes without saying, that you should be taking as many applications as you can throughout the week. Obtaining leads to be turned into applications can be obtained in a variety of ways. Such as, networking, customer referrals, family, friends, mortgage lead providers, etc. Another method, probably the most dreaded in every sales force, but also very necessary to keep apps coming in is cold calling. We all know the feeling of rejection over the telephone, but it is very important to maintain your persistence and overcome these obstacles. I completely understand that there is no way to overcome the objection of a customer hanging up on you. My only advice would be to not dwell on it, or take it personally, just move onto the next call. Keep in mind, for a lot of people, purchasing or refinancing a home is a huge financial undertaking in a persons life. Perhaps the biggest, so be understanding if they seem defensive or get cold feet. Im sure you are familiar with hearing Im no longer interested, or I just closed on my loan last week. For starters, dont even give the customer the opportunity to give you an objection. Remember, you are the expert, so you do the talking. Your opening line should be something like this: Hello Mrs. Jones, my name is Susie Smith and I understand that you are interested in a mortgage. I have some great products that I believe would fit your needs and budget. If you dont mind, I would like to take just a few moments to go over them with you. This approach immediately takes the pressure off of the customer, and nine times out of ten they will be willing to listen. Remember, it is all in the approach and the tone of your voice, smile when you talk, it will reflect in your voice. And be nice, relax your customer, make them comfortable, and you are half way there. Mortgage Sales, Overcoming Objections

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