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I love lanyards, they are such a neat little concoction that can be used for a great deal of different circumstances. Some common ways to use a lanyard is to modify them into badge holders. There are various customizations you can apply to badges as well such as different size customizations including the landscape size setting. In addition to sizes, there are various different colors and styles that you can go for. Even the actual material of the lanyard may vary. In reality you can have it created out of any material you so choose as long as it’s within reason. Lanyards are used in every single market you can name, from recreational to heavy industrial organizations. Schools, corporations, privately owned corporations, and Government entities rely on lanyards and often take them for granted because they are so obscure yet are there when we need it. Remember all those times you swiped you security clearance card on your way to work. Well it’s probably attached to a lanyard am I right? What about when you take your kids to softball practice and officiate a game. The whistle ain’t floating in thin air by itself, it’s probably cusped around your lanyard. If you drive to work along the highway and need to pay a toll, you probably have your toll pass rung around the lanyard which makes it really easy to swipe as you go by. Or how bout a pass for your parking space? Yes very handy indeed. Lanyards can hold all sorts of printed material as well as have the actual lanyard material be custom imprinted with your association or organization’s name. This allows you to carry your personal pride of your work whereever you go! If you are hosting a get together or are attending one, you will probably have a lanyard that carries a name tag that will enable everyone to greet you by your first name. This creates an atmosphere of comraderie! There’s multiple ways you can use a lanyard, such as having it hang around the neck, clipped on, or by using a pin. The grade of the badge holder can also be tailored to your needs to provide extra protection and durability for easily scratched objects such as your security key, etc. Lanyards – The Perfect Sidekick

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